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#14   laura chavarriaeMail21.12.2017 - 17:46
Good morning, Im looking to book dog sledding adventure but I cant find the way to book. What link or website should I follow in order to book.
Thanks!. I would really appreciate the help

#13   Milena BrankovaeMail23.02.2017 - 20:46
Hi, we are family of 5, 2 parents + 3 girls, 13, 10 and 8 year old. We are looking for dog sledding adventure. What are the options for 1 hour or 2 hours dog sledding? I couldn't watch the video because of my computer.

#12   Andrew and Ruth02.02.2017 - 20:00
What a wonderful experience Jan 28/29. The dogs are real characters - and what talkers - and Ed, Rick, Heather are not much further behind. Great food. The only thing missing was trail music.

#11   Gabor and Kathryn ForgacseMail30.01.2017 - 21:48
We had a wonderful time on Jan 28-29. Great trails, wonderful people, awesome dogs!

#10   EhryneMail27.01.2016 - 03:15
My husband and I took our two young boys to dogsled with Ed and his huskies and it was the adventure of a lifetime! Ed's love for his dogs is palpable and he was beyond patient with our little ones. He even took my three year old's boots off to check his feet when he said they were cold. Top notch in my book. Thank you for welcoming our family Ed. We so hope to return one day!
Thanks Ehryn, It was a great run, hope to see you back!!!

#9   Les & LizeMail27.02.2015 - 23:28
Went for a trip with Ed and his beautiful dogs on the 22nd Feb, had a fabulous time, Thanks very much.

#8   David eMail25.02.2015 - 03:43
A beautiful place and well-loved animals. If Shiloh and Chaos didn't look so happy, I would have kidnapped them. I liked them that much. Ed, you really seem to appreciate your dogs, which makes you top in my books.

#7   Wayne and JilleMail19.02.2015 - 22:11
Ed, Thank you for the great hands-on adventure. We enjoyed the dogs, your company and all that we learned about dog sledding. We will definitely return!

#6   Dave RidouteMail29.08.2014 - 23:21
Hi Ed
Is was nice visiting your dogs last weekend. We are thinking of a trip on the snow mobile trails this winter. I would be more than happy to supply my pick up truck to get the gear to its destination. March break would be the date.
Sounds great Dave! I will be in contact with you via email soon to make some arrangements for your adventure!

#5   Tlumaczenia angielskiegoeMailHomepage19.03.2014 - 14:20
So interesting and so far from my country (-view), snowy and frosty. Maybe we come one time, since we prefer cold areas, no Mayorca. Best regards.

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